My work is influenced by the philosophical underpinnings of existentialism regarding perception and being. In this philosophy choices and actions, which influence the development of one’s essence are central themes. Life choices are transformative and ultimately culminate in death; through this final transformation the self emerges transcendent. Thus, one’s world is shaped and fashioned through a collection of decisions. It is with these insights, in conjunction with stream-of-consciousness thought and processes of automatism, that my explorations in sculpture are rooted.


Like Beat Poets of the 1950’s my projects simply begin. The sculptures start as raw materials, manipulated in the moment, free from initial concepts or ideas. Geometric architectures, minimalist art, surrealist objects and shapes with multiple meanings are often depicted within my work. These inspirations are drawn from memory rather than from a rendered, studied approach. Through automatism and stream-of-consciousness, the work builds upon and determines itself. The resulting art reflects nature, the man made, equilibrium, and the essence of life. My work becomes finished through physical or mental exhaustion, a sense of balance, or a feeling of perplexity. I find affinity in the latter – when a piece seems to be taking on a life of its own. I do not always comprehend the underlying meanings until well after a piece is completed. At this point vital concepts and processes emerge for further exploration; as an artist I must responsibly choose.