My current work is influenced by the claims and understandings found in existentialist philosophies regarding perception and being. In this philosophy choices and actions, which influence and develop one's essence is a central theme. Successive life choices culminate in death; and it is through death that the self emerges transcendent. Thus, the world in which a person finds himself or herself, is a world which is shaped and fashioned through a collection of past decision. It is with these philosophical insights, in stream-of-consciousness thought and processes of automatism that my most recent drawings and explorations in sculpture are fundamentally rooted.


A central and reoccurring subject in this body of work is that of a form I have come to understand as "the being". This being has three formal components. A central orb, which I envisage as the essence, hovers within the interior of a secondary spherical form. This cell-like form displays various orifices and is an abstract representation of a physical body. Through an improvisational process of choice and action, either sculpting with forged steel or drawing on paper, lines emanate from the orb. These lines flow outward through the secondary body-sphere as a circuitry. In my sculpture, as linear elements emanate from the being a visual dialogue with an opposing being or object, as well as the viewer, becomes defined. In my drawings, as lines converge and intersect throughout the picture plane, negative areas emerge which are filled with color and texture. Over the course of hundreds, sometimes thousands of layers of line, color, and texture, a depth of field is revealed. Hence, the choices and actions that emanate from within the being develop its essence and create the world in which it exists. 


Geometric architectures, minimalist art, pop iconographies, and objects or shapes with multiple meanings are depicted within my work. These inspirations are usually drawn from memory rather than from a rendered or studied approach. Placed in juxtaposition with the being, these seemingly everyday objects are integral to the manifested compositions. Through automatism and a stream-of-consciousness, the work builds and determines itself. The resulting art reflects time, space, equilibrium, human perception, and the essence of life. 


My art strikes a balance between the man-made and the organic, the geometric and the chaotic. The work is gestural and static. It can be graceful and aggressive. There is movement within stasis. The work becomes finished through physical or mental exhaustion, a sense of balance, or a feeling of perplexity. I find comfort and affinity in the latter- when a piece seems to be taking on a life of its own. Often I do not comprehend the underlying meanings until well after a piece is completed. At this point in time vital new concepts and processes emerge for further explorations, and as an artist I must responsibly choose.